Cobra irs brackets

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Cobra irs brackets

David Stribling says he got the idea when he overheard a customer's wife talking to her husband: "Honey, I like your old Mustangs, but I prefer the ride and convenience of my new car. That was Stribling's light bulb moment. Why not, Stribling thought, combine the vintage looks of a classic Mustang with the power, handling, and performance of a late-model Mustang? As the gears churned, Stribling sketched out his "Mustang in Black" project: a '68 Mustang fastback with a modern SVT Cobra drivetrain and underpinnings, right down to the ABS braking system and independent rear suspension.

In fact, DVS specializes in concours Mustang restorations, so it seems strange that the company would embark on such a wild, restomod-like undertaking. But the restoration knowledge played right into Stribling's hands.

cobra irs brackets

The Mustang in Black project was designed from the beginning to be a true hybrid vehicle using classic styling and the latest Ford engineering. Ford parts, old and new, were used wherever possible.

Stribling was strict in adhering to his objective of maintaining the '68 Mustang's external appearance, with no extra scoops or fender flares for the body or non-factory items in the interior. Unless you open the hood or peer underneath, you don't realize you're looking at anything other than a nice '68 fastback. But pop the louvered hood and you're in for a treat. The '68 Mustang's engine compartment is crammed fender to fender with a '99 Cobra 4.

In keeping with the Ford-only theme, the engine remains stock-as if it needed more power anyway-right down to the 57mm throttle body, hoses, wiring, sensors, and fasteners. Scanning the engine bay, you'll spot other late-model clues, like the radiator and electric fan, plastic power distribution box, and brake master cylinder, all swiped from a '99 Cobra.

Otherwise, it's a '99 Cobra bolted to a '68 Mustang.

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The exhaust system consists of '99 Cobra H-pipes and mufflers in conjunction with custom-bent tailpipes ending with '68 Mustang dual exhaust tips. To utilize the Cobra's T45 five-speed transmission, Stribling designed a universal-fit crossmember and lengthened the driveshaft to accommodate the longer '68 Mustang chassis.

To position the shifter correctly in the '68 Mustang, a unique off-set shifter adapter was created to move the shifter handle rearward. The knob includes a five-speed pattern in the '68 style instead of four-speed, and the circular ring used originally in '68 to release the reverse lock-out now serves as a traction control override. We've seen late-model modular drivetrains in vintage Mustangs before, so the 4. However, DVS's adaptation of the '99 Cobra front suspension and independent rear suspension to a '68 Mustang chassis takes the merging of old and new technology to a new level.

It utilizes the factory lower control arms, rack-and-pinion steering, and inch Cobra brake rotors and calipers, along with Koni shocks and Ford Racing lowering springs. Designed around the brackets needed to attach the IRS-either used or a new assembly from DVS-to the vintage Mustang's rear sub-frame, the kit tucks the IRS neatly beneath the car to provide late-model ride and handling.

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Rear disc brakes and Koni coil-over shocks are also used. An emergency brake kit adapts the '68 Mustang's factory emergency brake handle to the late-model Mustang's cables. There are also some tricks up Stribling's sleeve for the interior. Yes, it appears to be a stock '68 Mustang interior, nicely optioned with the Interior Dcor Group, floor and roof consoles, fold-down rear seat, tilt-away steering, and woodgrain steering wheel.

But to bring the comfort and convenience level up to late-model standards, power windows, power door locks, and cruise control are stealthily included. The Electrolift power windows are mated to Hotronics switches so the original window cranks can operate the windows up and down, while SPAL power door locks are remote controlled to eliminate the need for additional door panel buttons. Air conditioning is a combination of late-model compressor with modern R and vintage dash controls. Mating the original-style speedometer and tachometer to the modern sensors proved to be one of the more challenging aspects of the project.

Electing to go with a mph speedo but using original-style numbering, Stribling discovered an Auto Meter electronic mph speedometer that not only worked with the electronic '99 Cobra sensing, it also was a match for the instrument panel and original-size faceplate.

For the tach, Stribling located an original 8,rpm unit, used with performance '68 Mustangs, and adapted it through a Ford Racing tach-driver, which converts the late-model pulse-per-rev signal into four-pulse, as used by vintage tachometers. It wasn't quite that easy: Some rewiring was required, but in the end, Stribling got his fully-operational vintage speedometer and tachometer.All parts on this page will fit - Mustang Cobra.

Aluminum Front Differential Supports with Aluminum shimming washers to set pinion angle. Delrin Rear Differential Support. Gloss Black Powder coated. Differential cover not included. Hardware is included. Click here for combo deal. Ford Racing 8. Ford Mustang Differential Pinion Seal for 8. Ford Pinion Flange.

FitsR and Cobra's. Fits Terminator Cobra's Rear differential cooler kit. In-line strainer for differential cooler kit. Differential breather oil catch can. Click for more info.

Differential cover plumbing with FT Delrin isolated rear differential lowering mount. Gray Ford Motorcraft sealant. Use when the outer metal sleeve has been removed. Delrin Upper control arm bushings and Hardcoated inner sleeves. This Kit Includes: Four 4 Grade Fitment: Details.

Replaced the IRS and upper control arm bushing with the polyurethrane kits amd that annoying clunk and play in the rear end is absolutely gone! Drive train is as smooth and solid as my E MB now. Strongly recommend these polys to any Mustang owner. Car hasmiles and drives like new again. Purchased product.

Came in complete. No damages. Excellent customer service. I haven't gotten to test the bushings on the car yet because some of the parts were accidentally left out during shipping But, the way the staff handled my call and made sure the missing parts were shipped out the very next day, blew my mind.

Blow-By Racing

On excuses, just done. Its hard to set companies to honor warranties, let alone handle business like they did. It was much appreciated, as this car is a dream car. The quality of this product is great, and after the install you can really feel the difference over OEM.

Highly recommend.

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If you have not replaced the bushings in the IRS suspension before, I would recommend consulting with a mechanic or someone who has done the installation and they may be able to assist you. This kit will help reduce wheel hop and tighten up the rear end. No guide available for this part yet. Extended Warranty. The program administrator will replace the cost of the covered part of a period of 12 months after the manufacturers warranty elapses, or from the date of purchase if the manufacturer does not offer a warranty.Forums New posts Search forums.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Nov 17, 13 0 0 43 New Orleans. Mod Dude. Nov 29, NC. There is a guy on here that did it. It looked real good. He seemed to like it.

What are you looking to do with the car?Back inCongress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which provided government subsidies to help unemployed and underemployed workers pay for a continuation of their health insurance benefits under COBRA. Some people, however, might not be eligible for subsidized health insurance due to their income. In this article I'll discuss:. At the time of being laid off or having their hours reduced, people may have qualified for continued health insurance coverage under COBRA.

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Mustang Cobra IRS differential mounts

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cobra irs brackets

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Using Tax Professionals to File Taxes. Taxes Tax Filing Basics.What's New? Log in. Remember Me? Forum Tech General Tech foxbody irs swap.

Results 1 to 18 of Thread: foxbody irs swap. These ones both have it. I haven't done any measuring yet but I can get it for free No matter where you go, there you are.

cobra irs brackets

Originally Posted by Beerdog Originally Posted by slow84lx. The center section is the same as the Mustang IRS. The other supporting parts are different. The Tbird will be iron.

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Originally Posted by PaceFever My winter project for my SVO. Last month I removed the old bushings and recently sent the swaybar, cage and control arms to get powdercoated. I still need calipers and brackets, hoses, and to fab a new brake line. I'll probably order new bushings from Full-Tilt Boogie Racing and while I am at it I will replace the fuel tank and pump.

I hope to install it before the end of the year, but it's never that easy at my house. Attached Images. Originally Posted by tjgtstang. The install is fairly straight forward, but still takes some time to get everything right.Place vehicle securely on jack stands prior to starting disassembly.

2001 Mustang Cobra IRS - $1000 (Waldorf, MD)

Remove wheels and brake drums on both sides. Remove wheels and brake drums. Remove wheels and old drums. Brake Best these are for a Mustang but are mush less moeny that the TC parts. Remove wheels and brake drums on both sides Remove cover in the center of rear end and catch the gear oil. If fluid is old, replace with new and add new friction modifier after all steps below are finished. Remove pin once free. Tap axles in to expose the C clips in the center of rear end.

The big pin held the axles, so this is where the C clips will be. Remove C clips on each side, if worn-replace clips. Remove brake lines from rear of wheel cylinder on both sides, Remove all of the old brake parts as one unit, repeat on the other side. Remember to keep the bolts as they hold on the new NRC brackets. Backing plates are not re-used. Your new brackets mount where the backing plates used to be.

Mount the brackets so the top The part with two ears tilts inboard and to the rear of the car re-using the bolts from step 6. They are marked left and right-they may appear to be the same, but are not. Install pin to hold axles. Mount rotors using one or two lug nuts. Mount support brackets and check for fit. We over offset our brackets inboard intentionally.

We have found that there are variations in rear ends, gears and axles. It is much easier to shim out than to grind off to fit. The install order is bolt head, bracket washer caliper. If the washers need to be doubled that is fine. No washer is also fine, the key is to center the support bracket over the rotor. It is close, but as long at there is space on both sides of the rotor it is fine.

Remember to get C clips on before checking calipers and rotors for fit. The optional dust shields can be mounted at this time. Put the flex line in place on the top of the lower control arm mount, right between the shock and the housing where the old hard line was. It fits really well in one spot, it lines the soft brake hose with the caliper well the soft line will have a nice S bend. The hard line will need to be bent or relocated to line up. Two holes may need to be drilled-one for the mounting hole and one for the alignment tab.

If the original line clamps have the screws in them, you can use them or get another to keep the lines fixed in their original location. We have found that relocating the lines works the best, so using the old screws in the new holes works fine. Cut, bend and double flare the hard line to go from the old drums to the newly mounted soft line.

The hard line will be cut several inches in order to fit. Use the supplied red fitting to make the connection.


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